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Limited Edition Flo Bobblehead w/Voice Chip
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Limited Edition Flo Bobblehead w/Voice Chip

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She stands a full 7 inches tall, is handpainted and packaged in a custom designed box. She's does more than look great, she SOUNDS like Flo too! With four audio clips of her most famous "Flo-isms," you'll never get tired of hearing what she'll say next! Plus, if you tap her head just right, she'll always agree with you!

  • The official Flo bobblehead from Progressive Insurance is a Flo fans' dream come true. She's straight out of our commercials on TV and ready for you to display at work, at home or on your dashboard. It's perfect for showing off your fandome of America's top brand icon.
  • Limited edition, voice activated.
  • Features four sound clips of Flo's favorite taglines in her very own voice.
  • Custom collectible box with three-sided viewing window and interior printing.
  • Bobblehead is 7 inches tall with sturdy base for maximum stability and visibility.
  • Taglines include: "Saving people money makes me so happy sometimes, I just want to DANCE!" "It's Flo-time." "There's no discount for agreeing with me." "Unicorns and GLITTER!"
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